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Do you notice that your water seems “off”? If your water tastes metallic, smells like rotten eggs, or leaves spots and stains, you may have a water quality problem. Whether you’ve noticed one indication or several, or whether you haven’t noticed a problem but you want to find out for sure, our EcoWater Professionals are qualified to perform an easy and comprehensive in-home water analysis to recommend the right solution. Whether it is hard water treatment or a remedy for another water issue, stop worrying about “what’s in my water” and take action so you can get back to enjoying your water.

Hard Water

Chlorine & Chloramines



Sediment & Cloudy Water


Low pH


Hydrogen Sulfide



Microbes and Viruses

With over 100 products available to H2O Solutions, we can treat all the common contaminants listed above plus 92 others that are found in water sources across the United States. EcoWater Systems are NSF/ANSI rated to remove over 100 contaminants found in public water systems and private water sources. Find out what options we have to best fit your needs in order to perfect your water.

Research and Development

Beyond what EcoWater’s technology can do is the promise of what EcoWater whole home water filtration systems will do for you. EcoWater designs and manufactures 95% of our products and components and is dedicated to providing the most innovative, highest-quality, eco-friendly systems through our international network of service-oriented water treatment professionals. Our commitment to quality is further evident in the third party certifications held by our products:

As a Water Quality Association (WQA) member, we belong to a not-for-profit international trade association representing the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry.

International Organization for Standardization of Geneva, Switzerland is among the world’s most widely accepted quality systems standards. EcoWater was the first manufacturer of water treatment products to be ISO certified.

NSF International sets standards for food service, swimming pools and health care equipment, testing and certifying products in compliance with public health.

Water Quality Association performs rigid equipment tests for the water treatment industry.

 Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. evaluates representative samples of systems for UL requirements.

Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Certification is the Canadian counterpart to Underwriters Laboratories.

An independent laboratory has tested electronic products to meet European Union standards on electrical interference and low voltage.

Federal Communication Commission mark indicates a device is in compliance with FCC regulations.

At EcoWater, we have a detailed quality assurance program. We employ a supplier quality certification process, statistical process control, final assembly tests, corrective and preventive action systems and finished goods audits. That is why we are completely confident that the equipment we produce for you meets our stringent standards of quality.

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